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Best of the Vietnam Blogosphere

October 14, 2009

In a new biweekly feature for Dispatches 2.0 I will be rounding up all the best that the web has to offer from Vietnam’s blogging community and news sites.

This time we take a look at all content created between Oct.1 and Oct. 14.

The Asian Way

Blogger Thomas Wanhoff makes an interesting point about the rationale behind Asian V Western thinking, particularly when it comes to selfishness.

“Nobody cares for higher purposes. The money that comes in today counts/ If the system fails, so what, there will be another system”.

Read the post in full here.

Coming Full Circle

Travel blogger Sherry Ott makes her final dispatch from Vietnam looking back on her observations and analyzing what exactly has changed.

“Some things were the same – old men with beautiful Vietnamese young girls, chaotic traffic going every which way, people begging you to come into their bars, kids playing out in the street with toilet paper on a stick and toy guns”.

Read the post in full here.

The Edited Version

Things are hotting up for author Walter over at Spirit Journey whose been busy documenting the writing and publishing of his great Vietnamese novel.

“The editors had lots of nice things to say about the book in a cover letter, but that was obviously meant to soften the blow before I turned to the actual manuscript, which was a storm of pencil marks, queries and suggested improvements”.

Read the post in full here.

In Which I Predictably Crash a Bike

Our Man in Hanoi had the blog community hanging on his every word while documenting his almighty battle between motorbike and pavement.

“How did it happen?  Well I sailed down the ramp from my building, checked right and left, then started  kangarooing a bit due to the jumpy first gear.

Then: Panic. Breaks. Control lost. Pavement. Fall.  Lying under a tree. Arm hurting.  Lots of people pointing”.

Read the post in full here.

Inspired by Talent

Blogger Chris Harvey comes over all inspired by Vietnamese songstress Phuong Vy who he saw perform live at Ho Chi Minh City bar La Habana.

“I was riveted utterly by Phuong Vy’s performance.  Not only did her voice vibrate with clarity and richness, but it was alive with trembling emotion.  Her pitch was perfect”.

Read the post in full here.

In Recovery

Blue Dragon founder Michael Brokowski brings us hope after the devastation caused by the flash floods in Hoi An by documenting the recovery process.

“The flash flood in Hoi An, sparked by the typhoon, has receded, so the kids and staff are in the process of cleaning up and working out what they’ve lost”.

Read the post and see the photo’s here.

Vietnam Metro Line Update reminds us of the progress being made to reduce traffic in the city.

“The Vietnamese government has approved plans to build an underground metro line in Ho Chi Minh City at a cost of $1.247 billion, the Ministry of Transportation said Friday”.

Read the story in full here.

A Royal Visit

Prince Andrew paid a visit from the UK to check up on British investors working inside of Vietnam.

“His visit “aims to raise the UK’s profile as a major trading and investment partner for Vietnam, highlight further investment opportunities for British companies in Vietnam, and encourage Vietnam to regard the UK as a main business gateway into Europe”.

Read the story in full here.

So that’s all this time but look out next time for another great roundup.

If you think I’m missing something integral or have missed something interesting you may have posted, please feel free to drop me a line.


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